Diners today crave adventure. With millennials and Generation Z leading the way, more restaurant visitors are demanding richer, more diverse food experiences. So for our Fall Scoop, we matched renowned innovators and American locales – each known for a particular global specialty – on a food tour that inspired the products in this launch. The result: an assortment of exclusive Scoop products with Asian, Latin American and Middle Eastern influences, designed for the ultimate in authenticity, accessibility and versatility.


Asian Cuisine

Asia is a near-boundless region, with numerous culinary influences, including Korean, Vietnamese and Taiwanese. For a window into these cultures and cuisines, we took our food tour to Washington, D.C., and Virginia, where Asian dining options abound. The interaction in Asian cuisine, including shared meals and plates, as well as the adaptability of the flavors were inspirations during our development of this Scoop.


Chef Thai Dang, a 2019 James Beard Award semifinalist (Best Chef: Great Lakes) whose HaiSous was a semifinalist for Best New Restaurant in 2018, joined the US Foods team as our tour visited Washington, D.C., and Virginia. It was Chef Dang’s influence that led to our team landing on a nontraditional curry for our Thai Red Curry Seasoned Popcorn Chicken – again validating the flexibility and fusion possibilities in Asian cuisine.


Mexican Cuisine

Chicago is home to some of the finest Latin American food this side of the Rio Grande, which is why we swept through the Windy City on our food tour, asking an expert in the cuisine to join us for the tasting. The highlight: a showcase of the versatility of Latin American food. In particular, our Mini Chili Rellenos demonstrated how an old favorite can be rethought for a nontraditional market, allowing an operator to make a dish all their own.


Chef Diana Dávila saw her Mi Tocaya restaurant selected in 2018 as a semi-finalists for Best New Restaurant, and she is a 2019 semifinalist for the coveted James Beard Award (Best Chef: Great Lakes). Chef Dávila, who worked with our US Foods team at the Chicago food tour stop, helped inspire our All Natural* Al Pastor and emphasized the influence of many regions and styles in Latin American cuisine.


Middle Eastern Cuisine

When our food tour landed in Dearborn, Michigan, we were reminded that authenticity is about embracing an ingredient, or a flavor, rather than a strict obedience to tradition. Our All Natural* Beef Shawarma and Premium Cheesecake Topped with Honey and Almonds, for instance, honor the dishes that inspired them while taking their core elements to new places. Whether in Dearborn, Damascus or anywhere in between, we rediscovered that good taste has no boundaries


Chef Sameh Wadi, a five-time James Beard Award Rising Star Chef of the year semifinalist and author of “The New Mediterranean Table,” teamed up with our US Foods team on the Dearborn leg of our food tour. It was Chef Wadi who provided the spark behind our All Natural* Beef Shawarma and helped reaffirm that Middle Eastern food can remain true to its roots in a variety of applications.


Southern Cuisine

Our team of experts from our Southern region cooked up new creations inspired by authentic standbys, adding even more flavor to this Fall Scoop. As tastes emerge from cuisine hubs such as New Orleans and Nashville, Southern food continues to influence kitchens across the country – including our own. Turns out you don’t have to travel to the ends of the earth for a delicious food discovery.